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‘Behind the scenes’ – the pre-training workout! (by Lisa Dickie)

The Team
The Team

I have always been an active sort, swimming in my early years to my teens then horses and finally moving on to the the gym and running in my twenties. After having the girls fitness really fell by the wayside for a good three years and by the time Jemima turned 8mths I was feeling the urge to get back and do something active again! I had seen everyone with the coloured bibs on the Stray thought it looked fun and thought I’d give it a go as I’m definitely more of an ‘out’ than ‘in’ person when it comes to exercise.

It was great fun and I knew at once this was definitely for me!! I started out in the red group with a lady called ‘Alex’. I was pretty rubbish and not able to manage a sit up or press up! I didn’t want to go too crazy to start with after having such a long break but it soon became quite addictive and finding myself going to three sessions a week.

Lisa Dickie, Military 1st Fitness
Lisa Dickie, Military 1st Fitness

‘Behind the scenes’ insight into why I usually make it ‘just’ on time to sessions: I  race home from work and make sure that absolutely EVERYTHING is done from homework, bath, teeth, hair and inc our dinner so they just need to be put into bed. That’s usually a workout in itself!! ?

Then the fun begins of having to start to juggle childcare. It can be quite stressful as you are desperate to get out and train but have you got anyone in place to step in to look after the girls! Will Guy make the train to get back on time, is he actually home that night?! If not, are my elderly parents feeling up to it, if not, is the babysitter free?! Even when you think you have plans in place I have, before, been stood on the doorstep raring to go and 7pm comes and goes and no babysitter appears, then turns up at 7.20pm saying sorry she forgot! ?

10173669_10152423635190732_6994867788048471684_nBut the feeling of finally getting there (however stressful it’s been), putting on your bib and stepping out onto the fields of glory ready for a good work out whatever the weather is amazing!!

Fitness (as in Military) is a firm fixture in my life and as my fitness has increased I have done a few fell runs, 1966677_10152423623695732_7458845184091884808_nobstacle races and other bits. It’s a great way to get and keep fit and I have made some good friends along the way!

by Lisa Dickie

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